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As the name suggests Reo 2 Go is reo that you can memorise or learn quickly and use straight away. Reo 2 go gives you the tools to start using short simple phrases, sentences, colloquialisms and vocab in the home, with whānau, friends or workmates. Students in our reo community, Te Puna Ihi Manaaki are utilising Reo 2 Go to slowly but surely introduce more reo into their every day lives.

We will upload their Reo 2 Go sheets as they learn more. 

Learn Greetings / Farewells / Compliments and how to ask how some one is! 


Mihimihi are informal introductions at the beginning of any hui, gathering or event.


Everyone's mihi can be different and many different styles can be used. For learners it is often difficult to decide how/when/where/what mihi is appropriate. As a beginner you may start off with a basic simple mihimihi and as your reo progresses you may add more korero. Download the mihimihi we learnt in class by clicking on the button or look at more advanced mihimihi by clicking on the title Mihimihi. 

Learn Reo 2 Go phrases you can use through out the day! 

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