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Haerenga ki Matiu / Somes : Reo 2 Go Sheets

How we make up our Reo 2 Go Sheets

Here are some of the resources we use to make up the Reo 2 Go Sheets.

Pukapuka : 

Māori At Home - Scotty and Stacey Morrison

The Raupō Phrasebook of Modern Māori - Scotty Morrison

A Modern Māori Picture DIctionary - Kataraina 'Te  Heikoko' Mataira

Williams Dictionary , A dictionary of Māori Language (7th ED) - H.W. Williams

He Pātaka Kupu 


Ngata Dictionary online


We'd also like to send a big mihi to those people who support Tōku Reo Trust and the Reo 2 Go Club, who are only a phone call, email or text away when we need to know 'how do you say this?!?!' :-) 

Ngā Whakahau - Giving Instructions

We can use whānau trips and outings (haerenga) as opportunities to practice giving instructions (whakahau) and encouraging good behaviour (whanonga) in reo Māori. There are lots of phrases we can use, but lets stick to a few simple ones on our haerenga to Matiu/Somes. The great thing about the following phrases is you can start using them with your tamariki today in any situation!

Ngā Pātai - Handy Questions

The following are handy questions you can use with your tamariki or others while exploring the motu. But they are also questions that can be used in most situations , trips, outings, while in town, at the shops and even at home.

Kōrero mō te āhua - Describing something

Visiting Matiu/Somes will give us an opportunity to practice describing the environment and the wildlife around us. We can use this simple pattern to describe things we might see.

He (object you are describing) + (descriptive word)   eg. He rangi paki tēnei – This is a beautiful day

Kōrerorero - Lets talk!

There are so many things we can say whilst enjoying Matiu/Somes! Our advice for any haerenga would be to first,  think of the things you will do during the trip and what you might say in English, you can then take those phrases and translate them into māori. This way you will have a few phrases you can use throughout the day. The following phrases are some of things you might say at different times during our day on the motu. Can you think of any other kōrero you might use. Write them down and practice during the week!

Kupu Hou - Vocab

Practice the pronunciation of the different kupu used in the Reo 2 Go Sheets

Don't wait for your reo to be perfect! Kōrero Now!

Give mana to your reo! Kōrero today!


If you need any support or help with translating phrases you would like to use with your whānau , you can ether head to our facebook page or email us at 


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