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Resources , Aromatawai (Assessments) , Patapātai (quizzes)

Pānuitia / Reading

Start including some reading as part of your daily practice, but you need to have a good study technique in order for it to be productive. Instead of worrying about the individual words, try focusing on the phrases. Identify a sentence or phrase that is particularly interesting to you (whether that's because it's useful, poetic, funny, or whatever else) and write it down with the English translation. By paying attention to the phrase you're absorbing sentence structures, idioms, alternative meanings or uses for common words, and also the rhythm and flow of fluent speech.

Click below to access Te Atea which we will be reading in term four. 

Ngohe / Written Activites

Ngohe / written activities help to consolidate and revise the concepts you have learnt during the term. Work through them carefully. 

Puna Kupu

A copy of the Puna Kupu / Vocab List for the second year 

Aromatawai / Assessments

Past Assessments 

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