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Below are some of our resources that we used during our 2017 sessions. We call them Reo 2 Go phrases. Quick, easy and digestible phrases you can use straight away while knitting or crocheting! Using Te Reo Māori during activities can be a fun and encouraging way to give you confidence to speak Māori! You can download and print our Reo 2 Go sheets, practice some of the vocab and watch the our quick tutorials.    


Practice a quick mihimihi that you can use when you join the circle. Great for beginners! 

Kupu Hou / Kōrerorero

Learn a few quick basic words and phrases you can use at the Tuia Te Reo sessions. 

Greetings/Farewells/Compliments/Handy phrases

Using Te Reo Māori during activities means you have to learn some of the relevant vocab and phrases for that specific activity, but you will always need the basic conversational phrases to help introduce yourself, and hold a conversation. Here are some basics you will need in any situation! 

How is everything going?

Learn how to tell people what you are making, how you are going and progressing or perhaps how 'not to plan' everything is going! 

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Everyone can remember the one person who taught them! Learn how to say this in Māori, then learn how to say a few things about your whānau. 

Presenting your mahi!

in 2017 the Tuia Te Reo roopu created blankets and kākahu for Wesley Community Action group. This year we are doing the same. Each participant had the pleasure of presenting their work in Te Reo Māori using this Reo 2 Go sheet to practice with. 

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Here are some quick tutorials (in reo Māori). We'll add more as we make them!  

He Koromāhanga

Watch our quick video on making a slip knot!

Paraikete Porowhā - Starting a granny square

A quick video on starting a granny square! 

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Puna Kupu

We will be working on a Vocab list of crafting , knitting and crochet terms. Kia mataara! Watch this space

Puna Kupu
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