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Upsize Your Reo 

Take reo you have learnt and use frequently and add a few extra words to lengthen your kōrero! 

Kōrerohia te reo, kia mau! 

Each week commit yourself to using the Reo 2 Go phrases you choose at least three times per week. Challenge yourself to replace the english equivalent in your day. Download and print your Reo 2 Go contract here. 


Greetings and Farewells are so important in Te Ao Māori. Here are some new ones to add to your kete! 


Kia ora mai! 

Reo mihimihi 

Add new compliments to your kete, a sure way to win favour when using Te Reo Māori! 

We have upsized this commonly asked pātai to include the use of pronouns , possessives as well as objects, places, days , events. We also show you how to use this pātai in the past tense. 

We have enabled you to ask more than just Where are you? As your vocab, and understanding of different concepts expands, you can start adding to familiar pātai you already know well. 

Kia Kaha! 

Certain topics can show you the richness of a language, and even though we hate being māuiui, the reo is quite literally breath taking! Words such as rewharewha, ihu pāwera, ngau puku , when you discover their english translation, have an almost poetic quality. Eg. Ihu pāwera - Nose afflicted with sensitivities/allergies or Hayfever! 

Each Reo 2 Go session aims to introduce chunks of reo into your every day. Reo 2 Go is designed to be easy , fun and engaging. The idea is to choose at least two phrases or words from the list provided each week. Once you have chosen your favoured phrases endeavour to use these phrases or words at least three times in the week. You can download the Reo 2 Go contract to keep track of your progress. The idea is to slowly increase the percentage of time you use Te Reo Māori everyday! Kia kaha! 

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