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There is no activity , however fun, messy, exciting or action packed where reo Māori cannot excel! It is a vibrant living language that all whānau can use every day.
We are based in Lower Hutt , Wellington. 
Please email if you wish to register. 
  • Reo 2 GO Club

Join our Hapori Pukamata! 

R2G Tunu Kai .heic

Reo 2 Go 2021 

Nau Mai! Haere Mai! 

Registration to our Reo 2 Go Club is now closed for 2021. You can still join our facebook page, where we share resources on a regular basis! Click on the years below to download the resources we used that year. 






Some resources for our first kaupapa of the year celebrating our Atua. Here are some resources for our first activity with Tangaroa. 


Kupu hou (new vocab)  

Karakarangia (Colouring In)

Quizlet App - Learn new vocab using the quizlet app 




Miru / Raukatauri / Raukataumea

Some resources for our second kaupapa of the year celebrating the Atua of Games and Entertainment! 

Some handy phrases when playing board games 

Maaori-fy your kemu

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