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Waka Haurua (1).png

This is your Waka Reo. Learning Te Reo Māori is like any journey. Having a whānau plan is one way to fast track your use of Te Reo Māori with your whānau! You need to prepare well , get a good crew, set your course, gather your resources and support. When you bring these things together the journey is easier and more enjoyable, and you’re better prepared for what may lie ahead. 


Why do we need a plan to kōrero Māori?

Making a plan allows you to adjust to any challenges that may arise. Sometimes challenges are enough to sink your waka. It is the same when trying to speak Te Reo Māori. New challenges face us every day but with our plan in place we can adjust quickly and keep the waka moving forward.


The key is to tailor your plan to the needs of you and your whānau. You can progress at whatever pace you need, set manageable goals, prepare in advance some phrases you want to use , gather any resources you need, identify who might be able to help you and who can keep you on track and motivate you.


Ekena Te Waka Reo / Get on board our waka

This whānau plan uses the journey on a waka as a metaphor for the journey we all take learning Te Reo Māori. We have our destination in the distance, but we need to prepare for the journey ahead. Each part of this waka is a metaphor for each part of your whānau plan

Waka Haurua (1).png

Download our Whānau Plan print it out and get started! 

Read some tips and advice from whānau who have used our plans click here

Nga Tangata.png

Ngā tāngata / Your Crew

Who will be involved in your whānau plan?

Kaiurungi (1).png

Te Kaiurungi/The Steerer

Who will keep you on track? They don't need to be fluent, they just need to be able to keep you all motivated.

Te Ra.png

Te Rā / The Sail

This represents the goal for this whānau plan to keep your waka moving forward. Think of a simple, achievable and realistic goal for your whānau.


Think MĀORI.

M – make it measurable, something specific and realistic.

A – it has to be Achievable!.

O-Own it. Once you have set your goal, take full responsibility for it and do everything in your power to achieve it!

R - relevance, make your goal relevant to your every day life.

I- is to state your intention, in other words write out your goal below.


Nga Kete.png

Kete Kai / Your Resources

Now that you have set your goal, look up and write down the specific  words, phrases, kīwaha, kīanga and/or whakatauki that you will use. 

Te Matau.png

Te Matau / Outside Supports

Te Matau represents people (who are not a part of your plan) you can call on for help at times when you might need some advice or support eg. kaiako, kaumātua, whānau friend, a fluent speaker


Ngā Taonga / Rewards

Wins and Rewards! How will you and your whānau reward yourselves once you have achieved your goal? Don't forget to celebrate your achievements. 

Tips and Advice

Read some of the tips from other whānau! 

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