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Nau Mai! Ako Mai! 


We have created some simple tools, korero, videos and pikitia that you can interact with, korero, practice  and learn new kupu or sentences. We also have a section that can link you to other awesome rauemi on the net. 


Learning with others also consolidates your knowledge!  If you also have rauemi that you find useful and would like to share please contact us.




Click on the different buttons or links to take you to the different rauemi. 



This section is for all levels of learner. Create a Mihimihi appropriate for your level of reo. Tailor the mihimihi to the kaupapa / hui / gathering of the day. Download and print off the different mihimihi tools and then listen to examples of mihimihi. 

Meet our "KANOHI's"

Let them teach you the different kare ā roto / emotions.  

Learn new action kupu!

Practice using action phrases!

Test your Reo by taking our Quiz! 

Patapātai - Test Your Reo! 

Whether you are a beginner or have a bit more reo in your Kete, try out these Patapātai or Quizzes! 

Nau Mai! Pātai Mai!!! 

Huinga Kupu / Vocabulary

 Practice translating different himene,  karakia and waiata. Improve your vocabulary, identify sentence structures and learn alternative meanings or uses for common words. By studying, reading and translating waiata you are also able to appreciate the poetic and metaphorical use of the reo. 

Paku Awhina are a series of videos for all levels of learner. They are short videos teaching either new kupu, tono or pātai. 

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