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Nau Mai! Mihi Mai!

Tēnā koe! Tēnā koutou! Tēnā tātou! Kei te mihi! He mihi nui! Ngā mihi! Aku mihi nui! Ka nui te mihi! Kia Ora!

How many ways can we greet people?!?! Well many ways it seems!!

Unbelievable to think that at one point in our not so distant past, a young Māori woman named Naida Glavish was demoted for daring to say 'Kia Ora' out loud! However it sparked a revolution! And although this post may not ignite an uproar these days , it's still nice to think that the humble 'Kia Ora' and a young Māori woman who saw no harm in using her own language, paved the way and allowed us to celebrate the many ways to greet someone!

Start incorporating these different mihimihi into your converstations, phone calls, facebook posts, emails, letters, tweets! Lets continue where the humble 'Kia Ora' started off.....

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